Important dates

Applications for the 2025 campaign will be open between the 2d of November 2025 and the 31th of January

A lot of time (weeks) is needed to perform some actions like translating and notarizing the documents, getting the reference letters and getting the certificate of proficiency in English. Therefore, we strongly advise you to start the application as soon as possible. Starting the application process early will avoid you following problems:

  • uneligible application because of missing mandatory documents
  • low quality application because of lack of time for proof reading
  • fatigue and sleepless nights because of high stress level
  • no help possible from us if a problem arises at the last minute
  • application not fully submitted because of internet issues like poor 3G/4G connectivity, server overload problems, ...

Early applicants and late applicants receive informations about their ranking / selection at the same time.

Remaining time until application deadline


4-5 April

Invitation Email to Interviews 

8-12 April


18-22 April

Admission for the 1st call

23-27 April

Admission for the 2d call