How much does it cost ?

The following expenses are to be planned:

  • Participation fees
  • Travels
  • Housing and living expenses 

Please, note that there is no application fees (it is free to apply).

Participation fees

The MULTIPHASE programme participation fees:

  • cover
    • the registration fees at each university
    • the participation in all teaching activities of the programme, including lectures, lab courses, visits of industrial sites, application seminars and winter schools 
    • the access to the university facilities (catering, library, computer laboratories, ...)
    • the assessment and degree awarding
    • health and accident insurance
  • do not cover
    • travels
    • housing and living expenses
    • copies, books and software that are not mandatory
    • installation costs (visa, ...) 

The amount of the participation fees paid by a particular student depends on the category he.she belongs to:

  • a self-funded student, as for any traditional Master programme, will pay standard fees : 9000 € for two years (4500 € per year)
  • a self-funded student, who has been awarded a Consortium scholarship, will pay reduced fees : 2000 € for two years
  • a student, who has been awarded an EMJM scholarship : 0 € 


The travel cost between Saint-Etienne, Turin and Munich depends on the distance (between 350 and 800 km) but also, whether you choose a private air jet or a second hand bicycle. 

As an example, with a long distance coach, it is possible to travel from one of the threee cities to another for about 30-50 €. For some periods, like Christmas holidays, prices can exceed 120 €.

Housing and living

More details will be provided soon in the Student Guide.